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Hendrix is your intelligent, award-winning AI assistant for meetings that automatically transcribes meeting notes, captures action items and other data points, and uses machine learning to identify productivity insights.

Don’t miss out on the discussion

During a meeting you’d rather be contributing, not writing notes. That’s where comes in. Hendrix listens and transcribes your meeting, then uses machine learning to create a concise summary, and delivers both to you as fully-editable documents.

Never miss another action item

Hendrix significantly improves accountability across your team by highlighting actionable outcomes and key decisions made so everyone knows what was discussed, what’s outstanding, and when its due.

Identify trending topics

Hendrix scans all of your transcripts and finalized summaries, identifies the most commonly discussed topics, and organizes them into a clickable word cloud. Simply click on any word within your cloud and a list of all of the transcripts and/or summaries containing that word will appear.

Understand meeting effectiveness

Hendrix tracks your meeting data to help you better understand how much time, effort, and resources are being allocated to your organizations meetings on a week-by-week basis.

Next-level organization

Hendrix archives all meeting summaries and action items into one simple, searchable dashboard. Find previous meetings by searching for attendee names, meeting dates, people, places, or topics.

Proactively plan meetings with Hendrix

Sync with your favourite productivity tools, like Microsoft Office 365 and Gsuite, and he’ll show up at the right time - automatically! Or, choose to add him manually by including [email protected] in you calendar event.

Add Hendrix at the last minute

Invite Hendrix by dialling him on your phone, through your browser dashboard, and with most of the major conferencing platforms you already use, like Skype for Business, UberConference,, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Adobe Connect, and Zoom.

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