Connecting to Hendrix

Connect Hendrix to your GoToMeeting conference

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to quickly and easily invite Hendrix to your GoToMeeting conference.

Step 1:

Login to your GoToMeeting account and select “Schedule.”

Step 2:

Fill in the meeting details, select “Save”, then select “Copy”.

Step 3:

Open a new meeting request in the conference software of your choice and add Hendrix as a participant using the email [email protected]

Step 4:

Paste the conference number and conference access code in the notes section of the calendar invite (Hendrix cannot join via hyperlinks at this time).

Step 5:

Hendrix will accept your invitation and join automatically. Hendrix must be invited through a calendar invite; he cannot be invited directly from the conference bridge at this time.

Pro tip: If you have a last-minute meeting, we recommend adding Hendrix through a calendar invite at least 5 minutes prior to your meeting or by calling him on your phone.