Connecting to Hendrix

Connect Hendrix to your WebEx conference

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to quickly and easily invite Hendrix to your WebEx conference.

Step 1:

Login to your WebEx account and select “Schedule.”

Step 2:

Create a calendar meeting like you normally would.

Step 3:

Add Hendrix as a participant using the email [email protected]

Step 4:

Ensure your conference number and conference access code are included and labelled in the notes section of the calendar invite (Hendrix cannot join via hyperlinks at this time). Your conference number and PIN are provided by your conferencing platform.

Step 5:

Hendrix will accept your invitation and join automatically. Hendrix must be invited through a calendar invite; he cannot be invited directly from the conference bridge at this time.

Pro tip: If you have a last-minute meeting, we recommend adding Hendrix through a calendar invite at least 5 minutes prior to your meeting or by calling him on your phone.