Connecting to Hendrix

Connecting to Hendrix by phone

Here’s how to invite Hendrix to a phone call in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1:

To add Hendrix to your meeting, start by selecting a dial-in number from our list of available numbers in your region. Dial the number you’ve selected and when prompted, enter your unique PIN that was provided to you in your confirmation email. If you did not receive an email confirmation, please contact our support team and we’ll provide it to you.

When Hendrix picks up your phone call, he’ll say “starting meeting,” then begin transcribing your meeting notes.

Pro tip: Add the Hendrix number you selected to your contacts list so he’ll be there whenever you need him.

Step 2:

Conduct your meeting as you normally would, and Hendrix will listen and take meeting notes. And don’t forget to prompt Hendrix to record action items! Simply say, “Hendrix, take an action item” and he’ll make a note of it in your meeting summary.

Pro tip: For best results, find a quiet meeting room, place your smartphone in the center of your meeting group, and plug in or connect your phone to an external speaker.

Step 3:

Once your meeting is finished, simply hang up to end the call and within 24 hours your meeting summary will be delivered by email, as well as archived within your dashboard - it’s that simple!

Invite Hendrix to any meeting, at any time.

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