Meeting Management

Editing your summary

While transcribes your meeting discussion and summarizes it for you, you maintain full editing control over the content and format of both your transcript and final summary.

Editing your meeting summary

To edit your transcript and/or meeting summary, simply locate the meeting from the dashboard or the “My Meetings” section, and click to open it.

The default view will display your meeting details across the top, the full transcript pane on the left, and your summary pane on the right. You can choose to only view one pane at a time by clicking the Page Layout toggles in the bottom right corner.

Summary Editor - Page Layout Toggles

Within the transcript or summary panes, simply click anywhere to add, change, or delete text. The summary pane offers an additional text editing toolbar for more polished content. Any edits you make will automatically be saved.

Summary Editor - Editing Toolbar

While on this page you also have the ability to manually add or edit attendees.

Summary Editor - Manage Attendees

Sharing your summary

To share your meeting summary, simply click the “…” menu button in the top right of the “Review Transcript”, or to the right of a specific meeting in the “My Meetings” section, and select “Download Meeting”

Summary Editor - Download Meeting