Meeting Management

What happens after a meeting ends?

Here’s what you can expect after you end your meeting with Hendrix.

Once you’ve concluded your meeting, simply hang up from your phone call or conference call, or click the ‘End Meeting’ button if you were conducting a meeting via your browser, to disconnect from Hendrix. Behind the scenes, your meeting is going through a quality assurance process, which simply fixes any grammar, syntax, and any homophone errors (ex. “won” vs. “one”), to produce an accurate meeting summary.

Upon logging in to your dashboard, you’ll see the transcript and summary in the “My Meetings” section. At this point, you can choose to edit your transcript and/or summary and export your finalized summary to share with colleagues. Click here to learn how to edit and export your summaries.

Your meeting transcripts and summaries remain archived in your dashboard so you’ll be able to make further revisions at any time by simply opening the summary!

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