Meeting Management

Starting a meeting through your browser

1. Starting a meeting

Click “Start Meeting”

Start meeting

Once you start your meeting, your summary automatically starts transcribing. During your meeting, you have the option to highlight decisions and action items by hovering over any transcribed text and choosing which utterance you want to highlight.

GIF of editable transcript functionality

When your meeting is complete – you must click “end meeting” at the top of your meeting transcription. If you don’t, your meeting will be labeled as “in progress.”

end meeting

You can also add a title for your meeting while the meeting is in progress, or after you end the meeting.

2. Editing your summary

After meeting ends you will have the option to review your transcript.

review screen

You don’t have to review your summary immediately after your meeting ends. If you want to review it at a later date, your meeting will be labeled as “Processing / Ready for Review.”

Once your meeting is complete, the summary will display the date, start time, and end time of your meeting.

You will also receive the Audio Confidence level of your live transcription.

Audio Confidence

The confidence rating is how confident Hendrix is when he transcribes your meetings. This is affected by how clear the audio quality is, how difficult it is for Hendrix to transcribe certain words (i.e. homophonous words that sound similiar—“one” vs. “won”), and how long sentences are.

If the confidence rating is low, it will be inaudible and not transcribable even by human hands. If you have a high audio confidence, there are minimal issues with the audio quality and you should expect a transcript with close to 80% speech to text accuracy.

*So, how do you achieve a good confidence rating? Here are some tips.

  • Speak directly into a good quality microphone or headset
  • Resist the urge to talk over one another during a meeting
  • Meet in a room with minimal background noise*

On the left-hand side of your “review transcript” summary, you will see 4 icons.


Clicking them will allow you to tag an utterance as an

  • Action Item
  • Note
  • Decision
  • Or toggle utterances on and off from your summary (in case you don’t want parts of your transcript visible in your final meeting summary)

To the right of each utterance, you will see the time when that particular utterance was spoken and a play button which allows you to listen to the playback of that particular utterance for the purpose of manually editing/correcting that utterance.

Playback button

When you’re finished reviewing your transcript, you can click “generate summary” on the bottom right of your transcript.

Generate Summary

3. Generating your summary

After generating your summary, Hendrix will present to you the finalized meeting summary.


Your meeting summary should highlight: Call details, the summarized meeting, and any action items, notes, and decisions that were highlighted in the previous review process.

At the end of this process, you have two choices: you can go back and “Make Additional Changes” to your meeting summary, or “Accept & Finalize” your meeting summary.

When you click “Accept & Finalize,” you will not have the option to go back and edit your meeting summary.

After you’ve finalized your meeting summary, it will be displayed on your Hendrix Dashboard and your meeting metrics will be updated.

A copy of the meeting summary will also automatically be sent to the email you registered with your Hendrix account.